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Practice Areas

Our practice is nationwide, and focuses on areas of law in which our lawyers have significant experience. Mark and Dan were federal prosecutors in the white collar section of the United States Attorneys' Office - and gained substantial experience using grand juries and investigating and prosecuting white collar crimes - so now we focus on defending those matters. Prior to Dan's tenure at the U.S. attorney's office, he worked as a state prosecutor in the white collar section of the Los Angeles district attorneys' office, so he is uniquely qualified to represent individuals and companies being investigated or charged with state crimes. It is common for criminal matters, especially white collar matters, also to involve parallel proceedings - i.e., regulatory investigations related to the alleged criminal conduct - so our Firm routinely represents clients facing investigations or inquiries involving various state and federal regulatory agencies, including the SEC, FDIC, FINRA, IRS, FDIC, FTC, and California DMV. Oftentimes we are asked to represent crime victims, either for purposes of investigating wrongdoing and advocating prosecution, or to assemble information for purposes of filing a civil lawsuit. Our civil litigation practice usually focuses on matters with criminal overlaps - e.g., breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, etc. - but we handle all types of civil litigation matters, including acting as local counsel for non-California attorneys with matters in state and federal courts in the Southern California area.

Based upon our experience, we focus our practice in the following areas: